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Our Process

  1. Workplace Evaluation
    To ensure that a building's design is fit for purpose the Euroclass briefing team may interview key personnel from the client's workforce. Requirements such as materials handling, expansion capabilities and team working environments are factored in at the very beginning of the project.
  2. Land Supply & Search
    Euroclass is an active investor in premium sites with development potential. Industrial land in the Auckland region is rapidly becoming a scarce commodity and securing the most suitable site for you is just as important as designing the right building.
  3. Design & Architecture
    Your new building can be more than a super efficient business environment; architecture is a powerful display of your organisation's culture and market position. Our emphasis on efficient build practices ensures that Euroclass can deliver a more exciting building for your budget.
  4. Specification
    Modern construction practices frequently rely on leading edge technologies.Euroclass has evaluated both the latest and the tried and trusted in a whole range of applications, and we know how to control the specification schedule to deliver a building that's all you expect it to be. Not just at hand-over but for years to come.
  5. Permits & Consents
    Obtaining the right permits and consents from various regulatory bodies can be one of the most vexing and delaying parts of a project. Euroclass has maintained excellent relations with councils and we can anticipate practically every planning obstacle that a project is likely to face.
  6. Construction
    Euroclass is a genuine design & build construction company; we own the construction machinery to undertake siteworks and the construction team are on our payroll. Construction of your building isn’t a responsibility that we sub-contract out. The buck stops with us.
  7. Project Management
    Delays onsite due to inadequate planning are frustrating and unnecessary. Our site managers are the most experienced in the industry, and they’re backed up by a project management team that ensures the critical path we’ve presented to a client is the one we deliver.
  8. Landscaping and Interior Design
    A thoughtfully presented environment in and around your building says a great deal about the nature of your organisation. For that all-important first impression we can help you select low-maintenance and durable landscaping options and then deliver a professional implementation of your landscape plan. Inside your new building, we can design and deliver an interior layout and detailing that meets everyone’s expectations, producing an environment that your workforce will be proud to be a part of.
  9. Guarantees
    On completion of the building, Euroclass hands over a comprehensive, bound document of guarantees and manufacturers warranties. Together with detailed ‘as-builts’ this documentation provides ongoing confidence in the quality of your investment.
  10. Territorial Authority Compliance
    Euroclass assumes the responsibility of all local authority documentation, compliance and legal requirements, including obtaining a Code Compliance Certificate and Building Warrant of Fitness. The goal of design and build should be to deliver a better result, not just an easier one.