Kaiaponi Farms is a privately-owned orchard based in Gisborne, one of NZ's leading growers of apples, kiwifruit and feijoas. Kaiaponi approached Euroclass in 2017 with an existing design for a new cool store facility which featured 38 internal columns, making the end result barely operational. Euroclass offered a fixed price on a new design, working closely with owners, designing the building from the operational process first, we were able to achieve a build with no internal columns.


Due to constraints of the fruit growing season, the construction time frame was critical to ensure an operational cool store to house the fruit prior to the harvest.


Construction methods whereby the cool panel store is built inside the building line of the steel structure means a portion of the sides to the cool store are protected by Colorsteel cladding and ensures a more durable product than methods where the structure is inside, leaving the cool panel exposed to the elements.


Euroclass commenced onsite early Octover 2017 and construction proceeded rapidly over the following months, completing the project early January 2018.


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