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Case Studies

Super Freight

Warehouse: 2250m2

Office: 400m2

Canopy: 1400m2

Total Area: 4050m2

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16 Stonehill Drive - Under Construction

Warehouse: 1643m2

Office: 305m2

Canopy: 400m2

Total Areas: 2348m2

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Warehouse: 1102m2

Office: 176m2

Canopy: 100m2

Total Area: 1378m2

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Advance Flooring

Warehouse: 1512m2

Office: 324m2

Canopy: 302m2

Total Area: 2138m2

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Office: 400m2

Canopy: 250m2

Total areas: 2585m2

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1 Stonehill Drive

Warehouse: 1907m2

Office: 200m2

Canopy: 376m2

Total areas: 2483m2

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Warehouse: 5100m2

Office: 401m2

Canopy: 1742m2

Total Area: 7243m2

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Water Supply Products - Waterloo

Warehouse: 2483m2

Office: 364m2

Canopy: 749m2

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Water Supply Products - Rolleston

Warehouse: 1501m2


Canopy: 947m2

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Kaiaponi Coolstore

Cool Store: 1760m2

Canopy: 540m2

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Cargo Plus

Warehouse: 3000m2

Office: 300m2

Canopy: 1250m2

Total: 4550m2

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Warehouse: 3500m2

Office: 492m2

Canopy: 690m2

Total: 4682m2

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Euroclass Head Office

Office & Amenities: 2650m2 over 4 floors

Underground carpark: 750m2

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Jarvis Trading

Warehouse: 2000m2

Office: 300m2

Total: 2300m2

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Warehouse: 1700m2

Canopy: 510m2

Office: 600m2

Total: 2810m2

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Warehouse: 2000m2

Office: 300m2

Total: 2300m2

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Warehouse: 1160m2

Manufacturing: 1550m2

Office: 397m2

Total: 3107m2

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Metro Glass

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Kuehne + Nagel

Warehouse: 10000m2

Office: 1250m2

Total: 11250m2

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Express Logistics

Warehouse: 6324m2

Office: 928m2

Total: 7252m2

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Cirtex Industries Ltd

Warehouse: 1800m2

Office & Amenities: 400m2

Canopy: 380m2

Total: 2580m2

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Beattys Driveline Technologies

Warehouse: 1600m2

Office & Amenities: 520m2

Mezzanine Store: 230m2

Parts Store: 230m2

Canopy: 400m²

Workshop: 20m²

Total: 3000m2

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Auto Transform

Warehouse: 2135m2

Canopy: 460m2

Office: 440m2

Total: 3035m2

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89 Richard Pearse

Warehouse: 5110m2

Canopy: 1064m2

Office: 800m2

Total: 6974m2

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Warehouse: 3000m2

Office: 500m2

Canopy: 853m2

Total: 4353m2

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Stonehill Business Park

Stonehill Business Park is an exciting new industrial development in Wiri, Auckland with flexible land and building packages for sale or lease

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Available Land & Building Packages

 When your new building is sited within a Euroclass development it’s part of an environment that’s recognised for the superior planning evident in every detail. Our significant experience in developing industrial, commercial and residential subdivisions means that we understand the vital role played by infrastructure in the design and build process.

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Although our site provided some challenges prior to any structural works, Euroclass handled the whole job with ease and we found their in-depth experience was invaluable in keeping the project on track from start to finish. Overall the project went exceptionally well. The weekly updates were interesting and the team were a pleasure to deal with throughout the process. While not flaunting their ability, they exuded an inner confidence that stems from a vast array of successful builds over many years. We would have no hesitation in recommending Euroclass to manage your build project

- Riverlea - Laurie Dunn -

Our experience was fantastic. The build went extremely smoothly and on budget. Euroclasss communicated well with us through the whole process and if anything , it was us that would delay progress while we made decisions. I would (and have done) recommend Euroclass for any commercial development.

- Water Supply Products - Jason Grant -


We initially chose to work with Euroclass to construct a purpose built warehouse and distribution facility because of their willingness and ability to analyse our requirements then systematically work through the process of providing the best solution for our needs. This didn’t stop once we signed up, it continued throughout the entire project and beyond. We found the team at Euroclass to be professional, very responsive and have the resources and experience to promptly deliver the right solution in a seamless and expeditious way, all with minimal impact on our current operation, we believe they offer real value. 


- Cirtex - Richard Judd -


Kiwi Roofing Ltd has been working alongside Euroclass for more than 20 years. We are very proud the be associated with their completed projects. Euroclass projects are seamless throughout the construction process with the outcome being a high quality build every time. The Euroclass experience has always been about the best outcome for the client. There are respected for maintaining a great reputation year by year, they are the quiet achievers!!


- Kiwi Roofing - Paul Connell -