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Available Land and Building Packages

Prime Locations

Releasing the potential of brown and green-field sites is a core business capability of Euroclass.

Our significant experience in developing industrial, commercial and residential subdivisions means that we understand the vital role played by infrastructure in the design and build process. By controlling strategically important factors such as road access, earthworks and streetscapes, Euroclass protects the future value of your investment. We have the unique advantage of controlling the complete process right through to the finished product so there are no hidden surprises down the track.

When your new building is sited within a Euroclass development it’s part of an environment that’s recognised for the superior planning evident in every detail, including environmental considerations such as wetland protection and landscaping.

Stonehill Business park is an exciting new development with flexible land and building packages for sale or lease close to Auckland Airport and alongside the State Highway 20 Manukau extension.