Kilmarnock Enterprises is a Christchurch based company which provides employment for people with disabilities. The company approached Euroclass Design & Build to commission a new, custom-built facility in Wigram, Christchurch to facilitate the numerous different divisions of manufacturing and services.

The clean square building lines feature matt black joinery and high performance grey glazing with white ACM paneling creating a sharp contrast. The warehouse is divided into varying size workrooms used for different purposes such as woodworking and food packaging, these are lined with plywood for superior durability. High level suspended ceilings have been used in the warehouse rooms for increased acoustic and insulative qualities, double-swing doors assist with ease of movement for the large trolleys used in the building.


The building also features a large catering kitchen that flows out to a sheltered BBQ area with outdoor seating. The dynamic company is already benefiting from the increased efficiencies of being in a fully customized, purpose-built facility.


Check out the outstanding work Kilmarnock is apart of, assisting those less advantaged in our communities;

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